Portfolio Category: Computer Services

Accelerated Graphics

Graphics Cards are a great way to enhance your desktop experience but here are some things to consider power supply - do you have enough power to supply to a high performance graphics card? case size - does your current computer case have the space? heat - higher end graphics cards can produce more heat,…
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Virus Removal

Virus Removal A professional virus removal service: we backup data before service is even started junk services and junk software installed by viruses is removed remove invalid entries in the Windows registry system optimization to make sure your computer is back to normal install latest Windows security updates turn around time is same or next…
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Laptop Hinges

Dropped Your Laptop? When a laptop has been dropped, to properly diagnose hardware there's no way around it, it must be disassembled Diagnosis - we offer same day diagnosis for most laptops. Laptop Hinges - these are not usually replaceable, a new assembly will likely be required to complete this type of repair Internal Components…
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