Office Phone System

Custom PBX

A1 Builds Custom PBX Solutions

An excellent office phone system starter server to get your office phones ringing.

This nano sized computer is full of power! Capable of hosting an office phone system for up to 10 phones with up to 5 concurrent calls, all while using only 9 Volts.

Power efficiency, stability and highly affordable in comparison to most of the server hardware out there. The hardware is an Intel 2.0 GHZ quad-core with 2 GB RAM

Linux requires significantly less hardware than Windows based phone systems. making it an affordable full-featured phone system with maximum flexibility.


Linux Based And Open-Source

A Linux solution is a proven business champion! Since it is not infected easily or as common as Windows, you get a tool for the long term with an overall low cost of ownership.
If you’ve been considering the switch to VOIP but have been hesitating for the concern of cost…wait no-more. Your business solutions. We have been developing innovative and customized solutions and services for over 10 years.

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