Servers and Virtualization


do I need a server?
Servers offer many benefits and can perform various tasks including:

Network Firewall
Network File and Print share
Data management and automated backups
PBX network phone system
Network video recording
web and self hosted application
and many more. If your are running a business and do not yet have a server then get one! If you are already running servers in your business environment consider the age of the equipment you are currently using and the methods currently in practice to evaluate the necessity of upgrading your current configuration.


what's new?
Server technology now more than ever is in demand and depending on your requirements, can change the overall need for hardware necessary to operate efficiently. We have found the VMWARE solution to be a powerful and efficient means of delivery. With a virtualized server you can host various services and applications running concurrently in one physical server, offering a central point of failure and less energy requirements to Bring the overall demand of hardware to a fraction of what it used to cost to self host your most critical network applications and services.


real solutions
Unlike any technician you have worked with previously we strive for efficiency customer service and saving you money, by offering various solutions.

Linux solutions and strategies can usually save you on licensing and hardware requirements of other operating systems and allow you to focus on reliable hardware and offer the equivalent application features or better. Have you ever backed up a file on a server and infected the server backing up that document? Linux servers are not susceptible to Windows viruses and hence this would not have impacted the server, your business and productivity.