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Your data is important and irreplaceable

If your computer or hard drive has failed or your just not sure how to efficiently plan for data loss, Ask A1 by calling 626-404-7676 or submit a trouble ticket

Recover lost data

Data Recovery

A1 Computers can usually save data from failed Systems, Data from failing drives is also possible to recover we have a high success rate with recovering data, however data recovery is not always successful so back up your stuff!

File Servers

Network Storage is convenient - There are different ways to manage network data and sharing, centralized storage is the most efficient
Wireless Storage - computers, mobile devices and laptops need convenient ways to access data and to keep it safe and up to date in one place
Network Data Backup - now that data is in one place and everyone is using it we need to keep things safe, by setting up scheduled backups within the local and you may also be interested in cloud storage
Don't make yourself responsible for everything, A1 will help you configure and schedule your backups to be automated and headache free

We configure file servers, NAS servers, cloud storage and more

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Data management

Data Backup

There is no excuse to lose data these days, since every one wants to give you free storage
local backups are great but what happens when something goes wrong in your local environment.
Did you know something as simple as a power outage can cause serious failure to systems and hard drives
We will assist you in finding a cloud data backup plan that meets your requirements.
Start feeling confident you have done something to protect your data or suffer the consequences

Linux Cloud Servers

eDiscovery/Forensic Data Recovery

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