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Installing VMWare Tools

Install VMWare-Tools On Linux Guest Of ESXI Here's a simple tutorial to show you how to install VMWare-Tools Here's the code: mkdir /tmp/cdrom mount /dev/cdrom /tmp/cdrom cp /tmp/cdrom/VMWare---your-version-vmware-Tools ~ tar zxvf VMware-Tools-version ./vmware-tools/ you can answer with the default answers by clicking enter for each question presented. That's it.
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Still Hosting An Internal Email Server?

Hosting your own Company Domain Email is serious business and a serious liability and comes with many headaches even if you've done everything right! Email Servers are commonly one of the most mission critical services of any business. Hosting Exchange or a simple IMAP/POP server locally is troublesome. How much SPAM do you have fight…
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Software Based VoIP IP PBX

Benefits Of A Software PBX Simple web-based configuration interface Less expensive to purchase and expand than a hardware-based PBX No need for separate phone wiring – phones use standard network cable Remote extensions - so you can work from anywhere Make immediate changes inbound and outbound calls Add or remove users quickly and easily Host…
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Data Backup With the threat of more and more malicious code execution and OS profile corruption or even possible SSD failure, it is more important than ever to backup your information. Thankfully cloud storage is more affordable than ever or you may choose to backup your own information yourself to a local NAS server. these…
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AT&T Outage

AT&T is still handing off a WAN IP, however it's only their DNS servers that are failing. There is a work around - connect to a VPN, if you have a larger network you can share DHCP through the VPN. Fixed! This issue has been resolved as of Oct-30-2016 but what did we learn? We…
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