I began using A1 last year when I started having virus issues with my studio desktop. They efficiently eliminated the problem, and did a variety of other things to enhance the productivity of my computer, which I am very grateful to them for. As a result of that I tapped them to build a server for my business network, and website. I have to say I am totally pleased with the servers operation, and with the ease of use for someone that is not an "IT" tech. Fast forward to today, my ISP made changes on my modem and internet access which caused my website to go down, and my network to become "screwy" for lack of a better term, to the rescue comes Kaled, and A1 to assist me in getting things back to normal, we spent quite a bit of time rectifying the mess my ISP made of things, and got things returned to "normal". I am highly grateful to A1 for the time and care they took to help me out when they really weren't obligated to. This type of service is what is sorely lacking in businesses today, and I commend Kaled and his team for their commitment to excellent service, and support to their customer. "Job Well Done!" I highly recommend them for any computer related issues you may encounter, and as a satisfied customer I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Luminance AV

I was attempting to purge some files from my installation of Ubuntu and ended up crippling my user interface.  I then attempted a reinstall of Ubuntu and lost my Windows 7 installation!  I knew I was now out of my element.

Not only did I feel completely stupid but I experienced the gloom one feels when faced with the prospect of taking my computer to a certain big box electronics retailer for servicing!  My computer would fall into a black hole of servicing and would return with loads of useless bloatware.

I decided to search for local computer specialists who specialize in Windows and Linux and found A1 Computers, who at the time had five 5 star ratings.  Well I'm pleased to add a sixth star to their review!

Kaled was extremely knowledgeable and professional and wad able to return my system to a dual boot setup with Windows 7 and Ubuntu.  My system is running faster and better than ever!

I strongly recommend Kaled and his staff at A1 to handle any of your Windows or Linux needs!  This is a great company that provides honest, professional,  prompt and polite service without hampering your system with useless bloatware.

Thanks Kaled!

Joseph K.