Monthly Archives: October 2016

AT&T Outage

AT&T is still handing off a WAN IP, however it's only their DNS servers that are failing. There is a work around - connect to a VPN, if you have a larger network you can share DHCP through the VPN. Fixed! This issue has been resolved as of Oct-30-2016 but what did we learn? We…
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FBI Threat Alerts

Who Wants to Hack Me? You may think that your computer at home is insignificant in the great pool of technology and is not a target for intrusion. To clarify this myth, the residential user who may not be familiar with emerging threats and 0-day viruses is in fact the weakest link and target for…
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Securing Your SIP PBX

Securing your PBX PBX phone systems are one the most attractive protocols that hackers are interested in taking advantage of. Why?.. Obviously free phone calls at your expense! Here are some things to consider: 1) Turning on a firewall is useless unless inbound/outbound rules are configured properly, try to allow access only to specific I.P.…
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