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Network Security

Firewall Server

Firewall Server

Server Apps
Directory Server - share directories the Linux way, with specific user roles and network privileges
File, Print and Flex shares - a Flex Share is a directory that can quickly be shared locally or on the internet with or without password requirements
Windows PDC Support - A Linux Domain server works with Windows, Linux and OS X computers
Antivirus File Scan - built in network antivirus to protect data and users
Mail Antivirus and Anti-spam - take full control of your mail box
Zarafa Web Mail - gives your users a nice web interface to email and shared calendars and tasks
Web Server with PHPMySQL Server - Are you still paying for hosting? Linux servers can host the most popular web apps available
Ask us what else we can do with a Linux Server

Network Services

Network Services

Dynamic DNS - Don't have a static IP? No problem
Multi-WAN - Does your network require to internet connections? We have various strategies for failover networks and bandwidth allocation (QOS).
Bandwidth Manager - Don't let one user consume your bandwidth, bandwidth management is a business must
Firewall - Control network traffic in or out
DHCP - DHCP is step one for getting everyone online in a basic networks and VLAN is a great way to physically separate users on your network and control what is or is not accessible
DNS - Is your service providers ability to resolve network requests getting slower and slower? We give you the ability to use alternative hosts for network resolution

OpenVPN - Is a secure way to access data remotely share remote resources even print to your desk at work and works on almost any operating system
PPTP - less secure than OpenVPN but works with all operating systems including mobile

Gateway Services

Gateway Services

Antivirus and Antimalware - This application is installed at the gateway level to mitigate malware from all network devices, think of it as a shared anti-virus
Anti-phishing - Protect the privacy, identity and security of all users on your network
Content Filter - Most infections find their way to your computer or device from a web browser, everyone hates a content filer but it is a front line defense to keep you network safe
Web Proxy - Web Proxies are a great way to conserve bandwidth when many users are on the same network
Web Access Control - This module creates a time restriction of internet use
Intrusion Detection - An array of intrusion types that can be monitored and block remote intrusions
Protocol Filter - This filter can block internal network requests from local users

ClearOS Intro

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